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Critical Factors Defined

Posted on 05/04/15 No Comments

Critical Factors, most-often referred to as the Significant Assumptions in most business plans, are those factors that are critical to the success of your company. They are referred to as critical factors because, while there are many factors that contribute to the success of a company, critical factors are… CRITICAL. Seriously, when you really come down to […]

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Going Out on a Limb

Posted on 10/09/13 No Comments

I recently wrote about the importance of inspiring excellence in employees.  Someone took exception to it.  Maybe a lot of people took exception to it but this particular person felt strongly enough to call me.  She is the owner of a small business and, as she sees it, she pays her employees to be excellent […]

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Inspire Excellence

Posted on 09/19/13 No Comments

I recently wrote about how to Achieve Your Full Potential Through Level 3 Accountability and cited the Harvard Business Review article relating that 70% of ALL employees are demotivated and disengaged. Common sense dictates that a demotivated person is less productive than a motivated person. And you can ask yourself how productive you are when […]

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Achieve Your Full Potential through Level 3 Accountability!

Posted on 08/05/13 No Comments

Accountability is obviously critical to the success of any business. After all, every business strategy has to be executed through people. Assuming the strategy is sound, the efficiency with which they execute the strategy determines the degree of profitability. Thus, holding people accountable to the strategy is essential to success. Because my practice focuses upon […]

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Will Your Team Get You to Your Full Potential? Not if They are Not in Alignment.

Posted on 07/12/13 No Comments

I recently completed the implementation of the Critical Factors Management System into a $4.5 million manufacturing company that had been operating at a loss for the past six months. As is often the case, I cannot mention the name of the client but they are typical of many small businesses that are run by intelligent, passionate […]

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3 Steps to Success: Step 1

Posted on 10/10/12 No Comments

This is the first of a three part series on how to most effectively achieve success in business and in any endeavor.  Before we go on, I will acknowledge that many people and most businesses do not follow these three simple steps.  That is why they fail altogether or at least fail to reach their […]

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Is Cruising Safe?

Posted on 01/08/12 No Comments

As I read the articles and reports of the Italian cruise ship disaster I feel for the families of travelers involved and I think back to my last cruise and our marveling over how they never even completed the safety briefing.  Though we left from Venice, Italy, we were traveling on a recognized cruise line.  […]

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