Converting from a Culture of Micro-Management

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Micro-management is never a good idea or practice. While it may seem that it is necessary due to the ineptitude of employees, in fact, it is representative of poor management. The usual excuses are:
1) I can do it faster myself
2) I can do it better myself
3) By the time I explain it, I might just as well do it myself

All of these ‘excuses’ are reflective of poor management skills. As a manager, your job is NOT to DO things, your job is to get things done through other people. When you do not delegate, you are holding your people back and stalling your own management career. In order to develop your people, you must, of course, trust but verify. The whole point is that your job is to develop your people and if you can not do so then either they or YOU have to go.

Here are two immediate steps you can take to convert from a culture of micro-management:

1) Evaluate the managers to ensure they possess the requisite fundamental management skills. Most importantly, in this regard, this is primarily a function of leadership skills. It also includes planning and holding people accountable but I would start with an evaluation of leadership skills.

2) Evaluate the personnel to ensure they have the requisite skills to accomplish the assigned tasks. Most organizations lack the simple tools to properly and objectively evaluate their personnel because the fundamental tool for doing so, the Job Description, is improperly designed. Most Job Descriptions feature a subjective list of responsibilities and may include a few competencies that are expected. What they lack are specific metrics for measuring job performance along with limits and extent of authority. Metrics provide an objective means of measuring job performance while the limits and extent of authority provide a means of controlling and recognizing growth.

When your managers have the ability to lead and your employees have a clear understanding of performance expectations you will have a foundation for changing the culture of micro-management.

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