David Kinney Radio Interview

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David Kinney to do live radio interview on WayMoreFM, Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at noon PST.  Click www.waymorefm.com to tune in.

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Have You Ever Built a Tree House?

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I remember when we were kids how my brother and our friends from the neighborhood would decide, every once in a while, to build a tree house.  I think we would all start with this vision of something that looked like a miniature version of a real house but I don’t ever recall a discussion […]

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Micromanagement: Why do some leaders do it? Is it ok or bad?

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Micro-management is never a good idea or practice. While it may seem that it is necessary due to the ineptitude of employees, in fact, it is representative of poor management. The usual excuses are: 1) I can do it faster myself 2) I can do it better myself 3) By the time I explain it, […]

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Management Team Development

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Management Team Development ensures that the management team has the skills to perform at the top of their game and actually execute the Corporate Vision. This is not rocket science.

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Workforce Optimization

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It’s a fact; in business, just as in sports, the best team wins. Among the greatest investments you can make into the continued success of your company is in recruiting, hiring and developing a team of ‘A’ players.

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Converting from a Culture of Micro-Management

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When your managers have the ability to lead and your employees have a clear understanding of performance expectations…

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Complexity is Here!

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Sony unveils its answer to the Wii

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