Workforce Optimization

It’s a fact; in business, just as in sports, the best team wins. Fielding a winning team starts with a clear definition of what is expected at every position but does not end with recruiting and hiring for that performance. Selecting the right person for each position, proper on-boarding to ensure a smooth transition, continual development of your people to their full potential and, perhaps most importantly, retention of the very best are crucial to your success.


‘A’ players seek to work for ‘A-player’ organizations. ‘A-player’ organizations have a clear corporate vision that is executed through a professional management team and clearly communicated throughout the organization through properly executed job descriptions. A properly designed job description provides the foundation for every aspect of recruiting.


The second biggest mistake companies make in hiring new employees is to hire them on the basis of past performance at former companies. It is essential to attract a range of candidates, both from within the company as well as from without, and apply a systematic approach to objectively evaluating, interviewing, checking references and negotiating with prospective employees.


The single biggest mistake that companies make with new employees is to welcome them as the newest member of the team and then abandon them once they are hired. It is critical to have a comprehensive on-boarding program that includes a formal orientation and a 30, 60 and 90 day review through a properly selected mentoring team.

Training & Development

Among the best recruiting tools a company can employ is a solid program of employee training & development. If you are seeking to hire ‘A’ Players, they are the types of employees that seek to continually develop their knowledge and skills. Our formalized plan of employee development ensures consistent improvement of employee morale, workforce productivity and company profitability.


Among the greatest investments you can make into the continued success of your company is in recruiting, hiring and developing a team of ‘A’ players. Their skills and knowledge are an invaluable aspect of your company’s intellectual property. The proper use of objective performance reviews, salary reviews, bonus programs and employee recognition programs are critical to the retention of ‘A’ players and the continued success of your company.

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